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  • Exclusive agency for cooling towers GOHL:
    • High fabrication quality and exclusive protection against corrosion.
    • Standard execution in stainless steel and galvanised steel protected by plastification.
    • Assembly with stainless steel bolts, nuts and washers.
    • Completely pre-assembled or assembly on site.
    • Extremely low sound levels.
  • Open circuit counter flow cooling towers with a capacity from 80 till 9.800 kW. Robust construction with low building height and easy access.
  • Cooling towers with closed circuit and with a capacity from 64 till 3.800 kW.
    Avoids contact between circuit water and outside air. Low maintenance costs.
  • Hybrid cooling with closed circuit and with a capacity from 120 till 470 kW.
    Ecological system with a 75% water saving.

  • Assembly of cooling towers on site:
    • Cooling towers Gohl with open and closed circuit can be delivered disassembled, the technical team of Nordland Engineering makes the assembly on site.
    • All components such as: Water tank and cabinet, fans, motors, heat exchange elements or coil-heat exchangers, spraysystems, droplet eliminators, floating valves, round absorbing elements, etc… will be mounted on site by our technicians. 

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