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Konodi builds customized machines, robot installations and takes care for automations in the area of logistic installations and turn-key projects. Therefore Konodi has a broad range of specialists at its own engineering department and workshop in order to be able to realise a project entirely: Starting from the study about manufacture and finish up to assembly, start-up, control and internal training at the customer. The transport systems are built from conveyors, transfer wagons, turning stations, angle dispossessions and manipulators. The design is completely carried out by our own study office. The installations are used in applications for the manipulation and handling of goods, the operation, alignment, stacking and packing.

The department automation takes care of the electric control, namely for the electric cabling, construction of cabinets, programming and the control with PLC or PC, of all installations constructed by Lysair, Konodi and Nordland Engineering or for external applications. This category comprises as well the start-up as the maintenance of the installations and the training of the customer concerning automation.

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