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Lysair can propose a dedusting installation or a pneumatic conveying system from A to Z.

All the basic and detailed engineering, construction, erection, commissioning and start-up are done by our services.

If the customer wants it, we can even take care of the civil works.
Obviously the assembly and start-up are executed under our responsibility.

In the case that the installation contains components from which the customer desires a certain standard or a certain mark, those components can be integrated by our services in the installation.

Furthermore Lysair also designs and builds complete or part installations which fall outside the domain of pure dedusting but which make use of their components.

• Ventilation systems.
• Supply or elimination of heat in production environments.
• Kilns and spray booths.
• Evacuation of heat / gas / vapor or steam of kilns.

In various sectors Lysair has achieved excellent references during the recent years:
• Transhipment and processing companies.
• Textile and flax industry.
• Wood processing industry.
• Metal processing industry and metallurgy of iron.
• Plastic industry.
• Sheet iron industry.
• Pharmaceutical industry.
• Chemical industry.
• All kinds of production companies.
• Etc.

Storage of wood shavings in bales:
Lysair has an agreement to built a turn-key plant for storage, sieving, pressing and packing in bales of wood shavings, which will be used as litter in horse stables. 
The installation will consist of silos, a sieve, a press, a robot, a palletising unit for stacking the bales on different types of pallets, various conveyors, the integration of a foiler and the entire dedusting.
The installation is designed so that it can be extended eventually with a granulation plant for pressing pellets which are used as green fuel.
Lysair will be responsible for the complete engineering, mounting, startup and training of the staff.
All electrical aspects and the full control are developped by the own departments of Lysair.
Lysair has won it's spurs. Lysair already built in Belgium and France several similar installations, and this not only with wood as raw material, but also with alternative materials such as shives.

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